I haven’t posted any updates lately; I’ve been waiting. I did sign with an agent after the conference, so part of me has stopped in my tracks to see what that might bring. Part of me wants to go go go and continue blogging and selling my wares, but alas, I’m at a standstill.The manuscript has been sent to about ten majors (I’m so used to saying major labels, these are major publishing houses…gawd a whole new set of jargon!)
I’m learning words like Galley (or is it gally?)So, this is the waiting game that comes with having an agent or working with traditional publishers. Self-publishing is like fast-food. Immediately satisfying…but of course most folks only sell 100 books that way so the satisfaction doesn’t last very long…I will self-publish “Silence Broken” if there’s no activity however, the 100 quotes that need permission from authors may be an enormous road block.I’m going to stay positive and hope that one of the editors from Random, Penguin or Kensington will open the email from my ‘agent’ and read the manuscript. Staying positive is not that hard for me, normally, so here’s hoping that the immediate gratification bug doesn’t bite me anytime soon.

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