Activist for the
force of Creativity.

Rene is an award-winning author, Creativist™, and voice teacher.


Rene Urbanovich is a highly sought after voice and Creativity instructor in the Los Angeles area, having coached singers from television, film and the broadway stage.

After a vocal injury left her voiceless, she went on to heal and earn her degrees in Creativity, in search for the answers that would not only solve her personal dilemma but feed into the collective’s search for meaning. She loves art, dance, motherhood and Sedona, not necessarily in that order.

She is a Humanities Through the Arts professor, a speaker, an award-winning author and a poet. Rene has given workshops at venues such as SAG/AFTRA, Art Center College of Design, Creative Talent Network and many more.



Rene writes both fiction and non-fiction with her self publications having been featured on national media outlets.


Rene and her team offer seminars for team building, rediscovering latent Creativity, developing and sharing individual gifts and connecting with others.

Voice Coach

Every day Rene works with students and professionals who are learning how to discover their voices and share their individual talent.

TEDx Speaker 09/24/2022


"A clearer understanding of Creativity is what holds the key to inner peace, the way we see the world and what we give to the world."

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