Voice Coach In Santa Clarita

"The singer is part of something greater than herself, contributing her gift to help the masses."

I am a voice coach in Santa Clarita and have been teaching since I was twenty years old, when a vocal injury forced me to educate myself and repair my vocal folds through therapy. I see hundreds of students per year through private sessions, workshops and seminars. I teach Broadway singers, MTV stars, television and voiceover artists, industry professionals, indie artists, karaoke singers, and even church folk. Currently, I’m working with several voice teachers to expand my effective methods—sharing the combination of expert vocal technique, Creativity theory and positive nurturance that has brought confidence and success to so many.


By focusing on proper technique, no longer mystified by the voice and how it works, we help students develop confidence through practice and live video performance.


We love Creativity! We encourage singers to experiment with composing and self-expression during their lesson to bring out the best in their voice.


We provide in-house recording during lessons for the digital vocal experience. Become comfortable with how you sound and watch your progress over the coming weeks.

Expert Technique

We focus on creating a vocal instrument that can withstand the demands of pop and musical theatre. Maintaining healthy habits and one's own individual sound - expanding range and stamina.

"Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue."

Voice Coaching In Santa Clarita, With Rene

Watch these great videos and find out more about Rene's voice lessons.