ode to the universe

The celestial beings hover over us

Winking and turning their heads

To eye us in our slumber.
The moon makes the rounds

And never misses, not even an inch—

Scans from across the spheres

That umbrella our existence


The breath of the fresh wind

Carries seeds of hope and vibrance

In its sweeping motions

As it dusts the horizon

And offers fragrance to those

Who inhale nothing but their own

Smallish scent.
The tide beckons us

Into its vastness and blue-green mysteries—

Pulls us from our narrow dimensions

Into the wild inner depths, churning.


And the sun covers us in warmth,

Like Love swaddles unstable newborns in blankets,

To remind us of the original Womb:
That when we kick into the vastness and kick into the empty space,
It scares us into screaming fearful fits,
Unless the cotton boundaries fold us safe

Into the grasp of the Cosmos

Who whispers with every orbit,
Daily, routinely:
“It will be okay.”




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