Well, I suppose all good things come in threes. So they say. Trinities perhaps. I’m usually sipping wine with my partner on the patio every night, but lately there’s been so much commotion that our ritual has ceased. First thing in the string of threes: my oldest son came home from Europe this week, number 2: my songwriter group (Changlingz) is having a fundraiser for Justin Time Children’s House and thirdly, I am prepping (making promos and such) for the writer’s conference this weekend.

All of these things in the same week!

I am trying to be present and thankful instead of high-strung. Jordan brings such a deep creativity with him wherever he goes, cooking Indian food tonight, sending spices and culture to waft throughout the house; the songwriters are so fresh and creative and curious at thirteen that I can’t help but be warmed by their discoveries. And here I am embarking on a journey that I’ve only dreamt of. Going to a conference. I hope I learn a ton and meet people, hope I can be like Jordan and bring my soul to the table, be like Changlingz girls and include my curiosity…

Titled “Introductions.”

We’ve wiped away ALL of the other blog posts and are choosing to start new today. Here we go.

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