The Creativity Connection Conundrum Interview

7 Questions With Author Rene Urbanovich

We sat down with Rene to discuss the launch of her new book The Creativity Connection Conundrum?, what it means to be creative and just how the creativity process has evolved in the last ten years.

Creativity Connection Conundrum Book Cover
  1. Rene what inspired you to write The Creativity Connection Conundrum?


My own relationship with my Creativity was so intense that I became obsessed with learning all I could about the subject so after getting my degree in Creativity studies I had to share my findings with the world!


  1. Tell us about your background in Creativity and your experience within the arts sector?


I came from a very Creative household! My dad was a builder; my mom was a potter and a costume designer; my brother makes robots; my sister is a gardener and chef; and my other brother is a painter, an author and a filmmaker! I have always been a writer and a poet but I became a singer at 15 and then a voice teacher for over 30 years. Much of my Creativity research has hinged on my students’ experiences in the industry.


  1. What do you think has been the biggest change in the Creative process during the last 10 years?


I think the biggest change in the Creative process is the immediacy available to us with technology. In music and film and even in the writing world, there is less investment in the process itself. This can be wonderful on the one hand because we can crank out more art, however, it doesn’t make it good art just because it’s at the ready!


  1. In your opinion does social media aid or prevent Creativity?


I think social media is a double-edged sword. Posting regularly requires Creativity, which can be fun and healthy. But when much of our Creative efforts go toward marketing, we are less apt to invest in the content of our art so it can actually be a hindrance.


  1. What would your advice be to someone looking to embark on a Creative life in today’s society?

My advice to someone who is embarking on a Creative life in today’s society is to first understand the function of Creativity before diving in. 


  1. How would you summarise your latest book to readers in just 50 words! 


CCC explains what the phenomenon of Creativity is all about which will guide people as they jump on this trend of promoting ideas and monetizing artistic endeavors. The book offers an inspiring worldview to help connect people to their own Creativity no matter how latent or frustrating their experiences with it have been.  


  1. When is The Creativity Connection Conundrum available and how can people purchase a copy?


Preorders for CCC began a week ago, but the official link for purchase will be ready on March 18!


To reserve your copy of the Creativity Connection Conundrum you can email rene at [email protected]