Every day, I work with students who are learning how to discover their voices and how to share their individual gifts. I feel fortunate to interact with creativity on the daily.

I’m a voice teacher, a creativity advocate and a writer. My manuscripts highlight the crucial tenets of creativity through narrative non-fiction and historical fiction. While raising my four kids in the Santa Clarita Valley, I went to school to study creativity and writing and adult learning. After finishing three degree programs, I finally got the nerve to self-publish and promote. Every artist will tell you that marketing is the toughest part of creating.

Check out some of the videos on the site and you’ll get a pretty good idea of who I am: a down to earth, wine-sipping suburban artist who is making the most of this respite between caring for my own kids and soon-to-be-aging parents/grand children. I’m caring for the creative process in my students as well as myself-—hoping to make a distinct difference in our world.

Rene Urbanovich


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