Sextolet Book Cover



Released: 2016

Author: Rene Urbanovich

Sextolet is a six-part division that may be regarded either as a triplet with each note divided in half (2 + 2 + 2)—therefore with an accent on the first, third, and fifth notes—or else as an ordinary duple pattern with each note subdivided into triplets (3 + 3) and accented on both the first and fourth notes. Some authorities treat both groupings as equally valid forms; while others dispute this, holding the first type to be the "true" (or "real") sextuplet, and the second type to be properly a "double triplet," which should always be written and named as such. Some go so far as to call the latter, when written with a numeral 6, a "false." Still others, on the contrary, define the sextuplet precisely and solely as the double triplet, and a few more, while accepting the distinction, contend that the true sextuplet has no internal subdivisions—only the first note of the group should be accented.



You may regard a marriage as a division wherein each person is divided in half—Or as—A lifelong partnership which has distinction, no internal subdivisions, accenting the “group~” An entity which is subject to interpretation and dispute; one that possesses a combination of qualities (2+2+2) or (3+3) which make it a true or a real partnership—Wherein 2 + 2 +2 creates a triplet—this entity otherwise NON-existent.


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