The Creativity Connection Conundrum

Creativity Connection Conundrum Book Cover

The Creativity Connection Conundrum


Released: March 2019

Author: Rene Urbanovich

Audio Book: Coming Soon

The Creativity Connection Conundrum is the latest creativity book from Los Angeles based author, Rene Urbanovich.

The book explores the complexities of the Creative drive and just how it impacts us as individuals and as a society in the ever changing technological world.

Rene Urbanovich wrote the Creativity Connection Conundrum out of a passion to see artists and non-artists alike understand the vast phenomenon of Creativity. Looking to encourage discouraged artists, Rene seeks to provide a greater understanding of just how Creativity has evolved during the modern age and just what success should be defined as in the creative world.

Creativity Connection Conundrum also touches on memoirs of Rene's 25+ years experience in the creative industry and stories and lessons she has learnt along the way from being a artist and vocal coach growing up in the Los Angeles area.

You can read an interview with creativity author Rene Urbanovich on the launch of the book.

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Creativity Connection Conundrum Reviews

"The Creativity Connection Conundrum taught me that surrendering to and loving the process will bring me the joy i desire." 

Chloe Ray (Actress, Singer, Dancer)

"This book has taught me to encourage my arts-driven child differently - to be more self-fulfilled in her art"

Deb Howard, LCSW (Psychologist)

"Rene Urbanovich has helped me re-orient my Creative process and tap into the inherent 'is-ness' of Creativity within all of us"

Carrie Ray Woodburn - (Artist, Entrepreneur)

"... A sort of spiritual road-map to help connect with one's art, here one's mistakes can make one better, stronger and overall happier"

Renee Warmoth - (Occupational Therapist)

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