Award-Winning Author, Creativist, Voice Teacher

Who Am I?


I’m a voice teacher, a creativity advocate and a writer. My manuscripts highlight the crucial tenets of Creativity through narrative non-fiction and historical fiction. While raising my four kids in the Santa Clarita Valley, I went to school to study creativity and writing and adult learning. After finishing three degree programs, I finally got the nerve to self-publish and promote. Every artist will tell you that marketing is the toughest part of creating.

Every day, I work with students who are learning how to discover their voices and how to share their individual gifts. I feel fortunate to interact with creativity on the daily.

“A clearer understanding of Creativity is what holds the key to inner peace, the way we see the world and what we give to the world.”

Creativity Seminars

“The force of Creativity drives us in order to connect us—connect the internal to the external, human to human, self to society, age to age.”

I am a creativity advocate. Every day, I teach people how to honor their creativity through singing and music. I give creativity seminars a few times per year where we indulge in our sensory experiences, explore the phenomenon of creativity from the humanities perspective and learn how individuals can fit into the greater whole of society.

The following live video, “Creativity Conviction,” is chapter 4 of my award-winning book “The Creativity Connection Conundrum.”

Creativity seminars can be arranged for a variety of different people and can be a great way of connecting with others and learning about the process of creativity.

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